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miALERT A200


The MiAlert A200 is a table top medical alert device that makes installation a breeze.  It is ideal for assisted living facilities as well as home based care monitoring that need a flexible and cost effective solution.  The unit features instant two way voice communication for immediate emergency assessment and response.  The wireless interface enables up to 8 devices to be connected to the unit including wireless pull cords, pendants, temperature sensors, toilet flush indicators, carbon monoxide detectors and any RF3 capable device.

The MiALERT A200 can be programmed in three different modes to custom tailor your notification requirements.  The medical alert device can be set up to call five people sequentially stopping at the first person that answsers (miFIVE), MiCALL Center, and miHOSTED when calls are routed to a  call center.

The unit can also be automatically programmed via the miCONNECT server in the cloud.  All in all the MiALERT A200 offers exceptional value and functionality in the markets that it servers.